Event date: October 28th, 2023

Being a doctor is like no other job.

After all those years of study and training you might still feel not quite sure about who you are as a doctor. 

Many doctors wonder how they can ever achieve work-life balance.  How they can really live up to the expectations of others and if they truly have what it takes to make it to Consultant / Fellow.

Building your career in medicine impacts your whole life, for years.

To truly do your job well, you need to be well.

To perform well and be well you need to:

Join Coaching for Doctors for this one day workshop targeted at Interns and junior doctors through to PGY5s. Lead by Sharee Johnson, Australia's Leading Doctor Psychologist Coach, and cofacilitated by a select group of senior doctors at the beautiful Melbourne Zoo.

What's included:

A highly interactive, practical workshop that allows you to experience your own capacity, growing your awareness, insight and skills for a more effective, joyful and sustainable career in medicine.

Expand your skills in self awareness and self regulation.

Hear from senior doctors who have lived experience developing their interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. Hear their stories of how they have developed more work-life balance and now live in a way that recognises medicine as part of a whole, balanced life.

Be in direct conversation with senior doctors and experienced coaches, building your community of support that will help you design a better medical career.

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

For more information or to register visit 'Coaching for Doctors' website here and/or download flyer here.

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