Event date: September 23rd, 2023

This hybrid workshop is offered to all doctors interested in doctors’ health and/or see doctors/medical students as patients.

You can choose to either: 


The workshop will be facilitated by the Doctors’ Health Alliance and offered via hybrid with an option for you to meet face to face hosted by a local doctors’ health services or you can join online

Face to face locations and hosts are:

The program has been written by the Planning Committee including:


A copy of the program is here.

An online workbook with relevant resources will also be provided to all registered participants.


To register and purchase either an online ticket, or a face to face ticket at your nearest 'workshop hub' at a local doctors' health service click here

For more information about the program and/or bookings contact Doctors' Health Alliance email info@doctorshealthalliance.org.au 

Share details about the workshop with colleagues by downloading the flyer here.


**A Certification of Completion will be provided to all participants who attend this National workshop.

***CPD - We encourage you to record your own CPD for this Forum in your CPD home - 1 hour of Education Activities and 3 hours of Reviewing Performance activities for this workshop. If you also complete the 2 hr online modules, then you can also claim these as additional CPD time.


  1. Identify strategies for self-care. 
  2. Understanding how to be a doctors' GP.
  3. Recognise the barriers that doctors experience when accessing formal health care. 
  4. Learn more about burnout, moral injury and PTSD and their impact in medicine. 
  5. Deepen your understanding about mandatory notification (inc. the difference in WA). 
  6. Learn about rural doctors' health - barriers and impact of workplaces. 
  7. Evaluate and manage suicide risk when the patient is a doctor. 
  8. Gain strategies for supporting doctors, accessing resources and knowing how to connect with your local doctors' health service for ongoing support. 

Options for Pre-Workshop Preparation

We encourage you to complete the module “Doctors for Doctors training” before or after this workshop – this is the link to the workshop - https://training.drs4drs.com.au/login/index.php (if you have already completed before no need to do again)

Prior to the session ‘Suicidal doctor’ we encourage you to view a session from the Australasian Doctors’ Health Conference “Confronting the ‘truth’ about suicide and challenging the myths” presented by Psychiatrist, Dr Rachel Gibbons, view here - https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/844482541 

Email info@doctorshealthalliance.org.au if you are interested in attending this workshop.

All the medical directors of Aus and NZ minus Roger had to do plenary when photo was taken

Photo of Medical Directors of doctors' health services:

Back LtoR

Dr Edwin Whiteside, New Zealand Doctors' Health

Dr Marjorie Cross, DRS4DRS ACT

Dr Bronwyn Carson, Doctors' Health NT

Dr Helen Wilcox, Doctors Health Advisory Service WA

Dr Jennifer Schafer, Doctors' Health Queensland

Front LtoR

Dr Patrick Johnson, Victorian Doctors' Health Program

Dr Kathryn Hutt, Doctors' Health NSW

Dr Annette Barratt, DRS4DRS Tasmania

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