The podcast is a powerful modern communication tool and the field of doctors' health and wellbeing has seen some fabulous 'podcasters' emerge!

Here are some to share with you. If you know of other podcasts you think your colleagues would enjoying listening to - let us know at


The Mind Full Medic - Podcast with Dr Cheryl Martin exploring health, wellbeing, optimal performance and professional fulfilment with a particular focus on doctors and healthcare.

The Burnout Recovery - Dr Jo Braid is the host of this podcast tailored for healthcare professionals who want strategies to get out of burnout and prevent heading into the cycle of burnout again. You will discover many strategies to deal with overwhelming feelings. Put yourself first without the guilt and live a fulfilling life you have worked hard for.

RACGP Podcast - "The keys to success for seeing doctors as patients" - Jan 2024 - Dr Helen Wilcox (Medical Director, Doctors' Health Advisory Service Western Australia DHASWA), joins The Good GP to emphasise the importance of doctors becoming patients too. Highlighting the advantages of objective care, specialist referrals, and legal protections.

AVANT Health Podcasts with Dr Michael Myers - Georgie Haysom, Head of Research Education and Advocacy at Avant, sat down with Michael Myers, a professor of clinical psychiatry from the SUNY Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, New York. Professor Myers is a doctor's doctor, a treating practitioner and a specialist in doctor’s health. He is also an acclaimed author, speaker and advocate for health and well-being. In this series of five podcasts we discuss with Michael the issues surrounding burnout and stress, and he offers some great advice on how to look after yourself throughout your career.

MDA National Podcasts - Doctors' health, wellbeing, career - conversations with many different doctors sharing their experiences and advice.

The Thriving Doctor Author - featured on a number of podcasts, Sharee Johnson is regularly interviewed about wellbeing, self awareness and how to sustain a balanced career in medicine.

GP Lyf Hacks - The podcast for Doctors in Training and students of medicine, nursing, allied health and health sciences. Created by RACGP Australian GP of the Year, Dr David Lam MBBS FRACGP-RG JCCA.

The Balanced Medics' Handover - podcast creator Dr Isabella Townshend asks are you a health professional seeking a change in your work life? The Handover looks to explore the journeys of people who have changed their life within health through beating burnout, changing specialties, going non-clinical or doing something completely different! The options are limitless.

Pomegranate Health -  a podcast created by the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) about the culture of medicine.

NHS Practitioner Health Wellbeing - Mental health and wellbeing podcasts from health professionals coming together to chat on a variety of topics.



This Working Life with Lisa Leong - An ABC podcast, you navigate your way through the tough times, looking for the sunshine and the humanity in the world of work. From the quirky to the somewhat controversial, experts in the world of work and business share their ideas, experiments and fast fails that you can apply to your own career. Airs 1.30pm Sunday. Repeated 11.30am Tuesday and 12.30am Thursday.

SafeTEA Podcast - episode S1E2 -  "The Real Cost of Healthcare: Dr. Martinek on Saviorism and Mental Health" - In healthcare, the often-overlooked challenges faced by frontline professionals are gaining attention, thanks to voices like Nathalie Martinek, Ph.D. Our latest podcast episode, hosted by Nicola Knobel and Deborah Pitout on the show "SafeTea," delves deeply into the prevalent issues of burnout, moral distress, and the emotional well-being of medical practitioners.

The GP Show - The GP Show is a podcast for all health professionals, hosted by GP Dr Sam Manger and health leaders from around the world discussing health, medicine and healthcare systems.

The Good GP - "Top Tips for a Successful Placement in General Practice" - In this special episode of The Good GP, Dr Krystyna de Lange is joined by a number of doctors from current GPs in training through to experienced GPs and GP supervisors, to share their top tips for having a successful placement in General Practice. Whether you are a GP in training just starting out, a GP supervisor or practice owner who supports trainees or even a GP just wanting a refresh, there is something in this episode for everyone.