There are multiple pathways, resources and online supports that doctors and medical students can access for any level of support they need at the time.

You may notice a colleague struggling, or their behaviour has changed over time, or you feel you want to reach out to them but do not know how. 

Not knowing what to say to someone is very common. 

When you are all working long hours, you are in a high performing profession, you are there for others all the time it is difficult to approach a colleague about their own wellbeing. 

Your first port of call is your local doctors' health service. They 'live and breathe' doctors and medical students health and wellbeing, and understand the whole journey of your professional medical life. They are supporting people just like you everyday. All calls are confidential and you can remain anonymous.

Each doctors' health service phone number is listed on the home page of this website - there is one in every state and territory of Australia.  Their websites are:

Doctors' Health in Queensland

Doctors' Health NSW


Victorian Doctors' Health Program

DRS4DRS Tasmania

Doctors' Health SA

Doctors' Health NT

Doctors' Health Advisory Service Western Australia

The other service we encourage you to connect with is your own medical indemnity organisation, they are also there for you particularly around medico-legal matters, but also can answer a range of other questions relating to workplace issues and practice matters.


Doctors' health services are often involved in with supporting doctors, medical students and organisations when there is a sudden loss of a colleague. These tragic circumstances can be in the case of a doctor or medical student who has died by suicide, or an accident or other tragic incidence. 

The Medical Directors from each doctors' health service contributed to this document with links and other resources to help people and organisations manage through such difficult times.

We are always open to review of this information and if you see that some of these resources may have changed, or you have more to contribute, please let us know at 

Link to PDF document here - Sudden Loss of a Colleague


*This webpage is a 'work in progress' as there are many amazing supports and we are slowly building this page to share as many as we can.