Event date: June 9th, 2024

Course accepts approximately 50 executive leaders with system-wide responsibilities for advancing clinician well-being.  Course applicants are carefully selected, based on their role and scope, to spend an immersive week with our core faculty and engage in a broader community of course alumni following the course. 

The program is designed for senior healthcare leaders with organization-wide responsibilities who have their organization’s support and resources to initiate or expand a focus on physician health and well-being across the system.  In addition to physician well-being, course participants commonly oversee the occupational well-being for populations beyond physicians. The roles of participants typically include the following titles: Chief Wellness Officer, Chief Medical Officer, Chief of Staff, Chief Experience Officer, Chief Quality Officer, Associate Dean/Senior Associate Dean, and other senior leadership roles.

Application Process

The application for the 2024 CWO Course is now open. If you are a senior healthcare leader and you have your organization’s support and resources to lead and catalyze system-wide improvements in physician well-being, we invite you to apply.

For more information visit the Stanford Chief Wellness Officer course website here.


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