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International Conference on Physician Health 2024

October 17th, 2024

A collaborative meeting of the the American Medical Association (AMA), Canadian Medical Association (CMA) and the British Medical Association (BMA). The conference will showcase research and system-level initiatives to mitigate burnout and promote professional well-being.

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International Practitioner Health Summit 2024: The Wounded Healer

June 27th, 2024

NHS Practitioner Health in association with the Workforce Specialist Service in Scotland and the Canopi service in Wales, are pleased to announce the International Practitioner Health Summit 2024 which will focus on a new hope for workforce wellbeing and solutions for the future.

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Chief Wellness Officer (CWO) Course

June 9th, 2024

The Stanford Medicine WellMD & WellPhD Chief Wellness Officer (CWO) Course is an executive education program and learning community hosted annually.

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Capstan Partners’ Coach Mentoring Groups

May 14th, 2024

Step into Australia and New Zealand’s No 1. and exclusive doctor coach mentorship circle today!

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